Yeast Infection Diet – An Alternative to Prescription Drugs

When you go to the doctor about your yeast infection, he or she will probably prescribe you a topical drug to place on your infected area. These prescription drugs are an anti fungal medicine which does provide some soothing relief of your itching and pain. The problem with prescription medications is they provide only temporary relief because they treat the symptoms of your infection and not the root cause. Many prescription medicines also come along with many different side effects that could have long term consequences to your overall health.

Due to these concerns, it is important for you to know that there are alternative ways for treating your yeast infections that are natural remedies and can be used from the comfort of your own home. You do not have to waste your time and money visiting your doctor for your infection. Your Candida infection can be treated and eliminated by just changing your dietary habits. This type of diet is often referred to as a yeast infection diet or a Candida diet. This type of diet is a simple method that you can control and follow on a daily basis to help get rid of the extra yeast bacteria in your body.

Cure Yeast Infections Forever

Eating foods that are rich in yeast or sugar will create an environment which allows the yeast bacteria to rapidly multiply and grow in your body causing you to develop a yeast infection. Therefore, it is important to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of yeast and sugar you are putting in your body. Foods like honey, breads, beer, wine, some dairy products, fruit, and chocolate should be eliminated from your diet or at least reduced in your diet.

A yeast infection diet should include eating natural herbs like ginger, garlic, rosemary, thyme, and extra virgin olive oil. Drinking plenty of water will help flush out any bad toxins released from your body as a result of dead yeast fungus. As a rule of thumb you should drink, in ounces, half of your weight in water per day. Yes, this may seem like a lot of water but it is well worth it to eliminate the itching and pain caused by your yeast infection. For example if you weigh 120 pounds you should be drinking 60 ounces of water per day.

Yogurt is another food you should add to your diet as it contains good bacteria that can help fight off the bad yeast bacteria in your body. Yogurt contains acidophilus which is the good bacteria that your body needs to keep the yeast overgrowth under control. You should also add vitamin C supplements to your diet. Vitamin C has also been found to help put a stop to your yeast overgrowth. Vitamin C helps against the fight of the yeast bacteria which will help keep the amount of yeast under control within your body.

Zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin E are other vitamins that you need to add to your diet. Each of these supplements will also help fight against your yeast infection. Zinc will help strengthen your body’s immune system. Vitamin E will help keep your body in the proper hormonal balance that it needs to eliminate your infection. Vitamin B12 will also help strengthen your body’s immune system as well as produce the good bacteria in your intestines that your body needs to fight off your yeast infection.

Incorporating these elements into your yeast infection diet will help eliminate your need for costly prescription medication. Not only will the yeast infection diet eliminate your infection but it will also make you an overall healthier person. Many people have also seen the added benefit of weight loss by following this type of Candida diet.

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